3 Reasons Why It Is Not Safe to Drink Untreated Water

Most people do not have water that is safe to drink. The intake of water worldwide doubles every twenty years, and consumption increases twice the population rate. It is estimated that by 2025, a minimum of 3 billion people will not be able to avail of clean water.

As time passes, water is becoming scarce and this harsh reality is due to the high demand, the rapid increase of population, water-intensive agriculture, plus the fast consumption due to economic progress. Another contributory factor is climate change.

Drinking untreated water comes with many disadvantages. The following are some reasons why drinking unsafe water affects people’s health.

Waterborne Diseases

Since the water crisis continues to rise, people should not drink or even use it if it hasn’t been treated. They should see to it that the water is safe for them to drink or to use for oral hygiene. Vegetables and fruits, among other foods, are cleaned with running water. This is also used to wash cooking and eating utensils. Therefore, water should not contain any harmful organisms.

It is possible for pathogens to be present in water. These may cause a lot of serious illnesses like diarrhoea and typhoid, to name a few. Such diseases can prove to be fatal that is why it is critical to be careful about the water being used. There is a possibility for it to have guinea/tapeworm, which can lead to serious health issues. That is why it is best to treat water and only use it after going through the process.

Water can serve as a perfect dwelling for many harmful bacteria and pathogens. Here, they can thrive since they consider it as a complete ecosystem. This is where water-borne diseases come from so they should be eliminated before using it.

Contamination by Chemicals

Pesticides and chemicals used as fertilizers in farming are often absorbed by the water close by. These pose a risk to the health. Chemical waste is produced by industries as well. Such waste has toxic chemicals and pollutants. Consuming contaminated water can lead to many serious and even fatal diseases.

Contaminated water can also affect crops. Toxic chemicals like lead, asbestos, mercury and nitrate can also be found in industrial waste. These chemicals pose a risk to people’s health. They are not only dangerous to humans but also to marine life.

Improper Human Waste Disposal

Another way for water to get contaminated is by the improper human waste disposal. Poor sanitary facilities as well as sub-standard sewage systems cause water contamination due to human waste. It can bring about many serious health problems. Improper human waste disposal has been a known cause of cholera and other epidemics.

It is always wise to treat water before consumption or use. People can boil drinking water and use water filter systems to clean water for consuming at home.


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