Common Water Problems and the Corresponding Solutions

No one should ever take water quality for granted. Its quality varies from one place to another and from house to house. There are different factors that can affect the taste, smell and feel of water as well as the way it works in a home.

Some of the things that can affect the water supply is well water quality, risk of contamination, aging distribution system, substandard federal drinking and plumbing system. There are problems that are not as noticeable as compared to others.

There are times when something goes wrong with the water supply. While it is flowing on the way to the tap, it can take along additional baggage and encounter different problems. Some can be seen or smelled while others cannot.

There are people who can easily answer questions asked about tap water problems and the reasons for experiencing them in the home. Whether these are about visible water contaminants such as the buildup of dissolved iron and sediments or those that are not visible like lead and arsenic, there are answers to questions about problem water.

5 Common Water Problems and Solutions

Lead in Water

Lead in water that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted in one of the leading problems in the water industry. One of the most effective ways to prevent such is by conducting a lab water test.

Arsenic in Water

Arsenic, just like lead, is not only potentially harmful but also difficult to identify if the water does not go through a more extensive testing.

Iron in Water

Iron can be distinguished by its reddish/brownish color and the stain it usually leaves around faucets and sinks. Dissolved iron can possibly damage pipes and fixtures. Also, it has an unpleasant taste and is not comfortable to use in the home.

Sulphur in Water

The presence of sulphur in water is easy to spot by means of its smell and taste. In addition, sulphur can also cause the growth of more bacteria in water, which can result to additional problems in the long run. As a solution, a sulphur-specific filter can easily address such problems and avoid complications in the future.

TDS in Water

Water usually comes with some amount of beneficial minerals. On the other hand, when the levels start to go way over the normal range, these can also bring about problems. One of the most effective ways to address TDS is by means of water softening but the chosen professional should first test the particular water and accompanying issues to come up with the best solution.


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