10 Reasons to Start Using Water Filters Today

The Water tastes and smells better

Whether it is water from the well or the municipality, it can taste bad. Majority of filters have the ability to remove bad taste and smell.

The Water is healthier

Drinking filtered water and using it for cooking can improve overall health. This is since it will be free from bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants.

The filters are environmentally friendly

Filtering water is more environmentally friendly as compared to buying it bottled. The plastic bottles end up in landfills and pollute the environment.

They don’t use plastic

Drinking bottled water can pose as a risk because of the quality of plastic used. There are plastic containers that contain BPA, which can cause health problems.

The filters cost a lot less than bottled water

Initially, buying a water filter is a huge investment. However, in the long run, it can save a lot on costs.

Filtered water is best for children

Children are more prone to nitrite or nitrate poisoning. Such compounds can find their way to well or municipal water.

Filtering can remove toxins

According to experts, a water source contains at least 2100 known toxins. Filtering it will minimize the risk of consuming them.

There is no chlorine in filtered water

Chlorine is known to disinfect water. However, it is also linked to many illnesses.

Using filtered water can improve the looks of hair and skin

Showering with softened water makes hair and skin feel and look healthier.

There are no chemicals in filtered water

Drinking water may sometimes be contaminated by chemicals and heavy metals. Filtering it lowers the risk of ingesting them.

Filtration or Purification?

In a water filtration system, one or more filters are used to eliminate the contaminants that are present. Only some will be removed, and others still remain, so the water is not that pure.

In a purification system, 90 to 99% of contaminants are removed from the water, so it may be pure, but also the helpful minerals in it will be eliminated.

Do all the filters remove the beneficial minerals?

Only some filters remove the beneficial minerals found in the water. Reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing up to 99% of water contaminants and beneficial minerals. On the other hand, a UV filter only eliminates bacteria, and will leave others in the water. All the kinds of filtration systems come with advantages and disadvantages.


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