5 Steps Before Deciding on Water Treatment Equipment

According to surveys, 60% of homes in the US that are served by private water systems (like well, cistern or spring) make use of a water treatment equipment. Nowadays, purchasing a suitable equipment can address nearly all water quality issues (whether nuisance or health based).

However, homeowners that have private water systems are seldom informed about water treatment equipment and treatment processes, making them prone to dishonest businesses that sell treatment equipment.

Determine the Water Quality Problem

When homeowners notice that there is a problem with their water, this should be tested by a water testing laboratory that is certified by the state.

When the test results reveal that the drinking water did not pass the primary, drinking water standard when it comes to the presence of bacteria/lead, they should take the necessary step to address the issue in order to protect the health of the family.

There are further tests that may show a problem caused by another pollutant like iron or manganese. If so, it is not threatening to the health though they may still opt to have a water treatment equipment installed to minimize stains and improve tastes/odors caused by such pollutants.

Ask the Advice of Unbiased Water Quality Experts

After getting the water test results from the certified laboratory, it would be wise to show these to an unbiased water quality expert so he can go over the results. These professionals can come from the certified water testing laboratory. They are in the best position to interpret the water test results and give advice on the best options to solve whatever water quality issue there is.

Look into All Available Options

At times, water treatment equipment is not always the best way to get rid of a water quality problems. Usually, there are other available options, which should be explored before making a decision. There are cases when creating an alternate water source like a new well, rainwater cistern or nearby spring may be the most effective solution. It may be more economical in the long run to connect to a public water supply near the area instead of getting comprehensive treatment of a private water supply.

When the source of pollution is found like, for instance, a malfunctioning septic system, then a viable solution would be to eliminate the pollution source. Another effective solution to address bacterial issues in private water supplies is maintain it in a simple way like checking a well to ensure it has sealed caps or make sure that a spring box is sealed to protect it from insects.

Find a Treatment that Matches the Problem

Before homeowners decide on the treatment that best solves their water problem, they should go over the water treatment process as well as the pollutants they eliminate. They should educate themselves to know the treatment devices that will best address their problems before approaching treatment companies.

Research About Water Treatment Companies

It is always important to seek water treatment companies that have a good reputation and will give customer references. It would also help to research about their history and search for companies that are already established in the water treatment business so fly-by-night operations can be avoided.


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