Making Sure Your Well Water Is Safe to Drink

In the US, most households depend on a private well for their drinking water. This can be advantageous to the residents since they can save on costs. They do not have to pay for drinking water granting that the water they get from the well is potable or safe to drink.

Though the US is known to have one of the safest water suppliers worldwide, drinking water sources can possibly be contaminated or affected by several different things. An example is natural minerals such as arsenic or other chemicals. Such minerals can cause a wastewater treatment system to malfunction. Using pesticides near the source of water can also cause it to get contaminated.

So, drinking water that comes from private wells needs to be tested first. Testing can be done by means of a laboratory or authorised research facility. This is the best way to know if water is safe for household members to drink.

Harmful bacteria, parasites plus infections are not seen by the naked eyes. For this reason, no one can be sure if water is potable just by the way it looks and tastes.

Even if people do not become sick from the water they drink from their private well, they should not remain complacent. Just a small amount of contaminants that exist in well water can bring about chronic health problems. Such microorganisms can be found in water supplies.

There are specific chemical contaminants in water sources that can cause long term health issues that take a long time to develop. Testing water on a regular basis will determine if water is hazardous as well as guarantee that the water is treated to a satisfying level.

A well in a particular household that has been tested to be safe does not guarantee the safety of the water in wells of neighboring houses. The safety of well water depends on several factors such as geology on the surface and underground, depth and well development, among others. The quality of well water can change from time to time when refilling due to the dry season. It is important to test well water regularly and keep results for reference.

There are different aspects to consider in maintaining a private well that provides potable water.


It should have a durable construction to avoid any issues.


This should be located in a spot that has no issues whatsoever with neighbors.


The age of the well should also be considered plus the testing of water quality on a regular basis.

Water Source

The household owner should be familiar with the nature of the aquifer where water comes from.

Human Activities

The things that happen within the vicinity can have an effect on a well.

When a well is deep seated, like more than 800 feet, water is expected to be cleaner. It is always a good practice to have well water tested yearly for contaminants like Colifirm bacteria and nitrates, among others.


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