Most Affordable and Best Kitchen Cupboard Designers in Cape Town

A Kitchen is a space where family bonds while cooking food. An open and bright kitchen space is a welcoming sight in your home. An attractive remodeled kitchen makes your home more appealing. A kitchen should be well-equipped to perform an extensive diversity of tasks. As you plan to model your new kitchen, you should look for the appeal as well as the efficiency part. If you wish to contact a professional designer, then you can reach out to Beyond Kitchens. Beyond Kitchens is one of the top refurbishment companies in Cape Town who can help you in processing the work smoothly.

What does a Professional Kitchen Designer do?

A kitchen designer is an interior designer who works on designing, modernizing, or renovating the kitchen at your home. They cater to the needs and requirements of a client. The first step followed by a kitchen designer is, to sit with a client and brainstorm about the overall aesthetics and extent of work. Based on their discussion, a kitchen designer prepares a basic layout. The designer then looks at various cupboard designs, appliances, and different kitchen-related things. All these things should be well planned before starting the construction work of your kitchen.

Cupboards are one of the most important parts of the kitchen zone. Your cupboards should be well-coordinated with your kitchen color and theme.

Factors You Should Consider Before Designing Your Kitchen Cupboard


The layout of the kitchen should be concluded before starting the renovation work. The cupboard size should be proper and it should be placed in the kitchen without blocking the area. Their design should go well with kitchen counters & other appliances.


Wood is the material that is commonly used for cabinets. The different types of materials that can be used are birch, cedar, oak, cherry, and maple. All the mentioned materials have a different variance of shade, texture, and style.


The quality of the cupboard should be chosen in such a way that the cupboard stays in an optimal condition over a course of time. The quality of a cupboard matters more than the quality of the cupboard. If additional hardware is installed, then a high-quality cupboard can sustain for a tremendous amount of time.

Cupboard Doors

A cabinet door should be well-chosen to complement the color of your kitchen. Most homeowners prefer cathedral, arch, slab and square styles of cupboard doors.

Storage Space

The most important factor to be kept in mind while choosing a cupboard is the storage space. Kitchen cabinets should be large enough to accommodate drawers, sliding trays, racks, and shelves.

Beyond Kitchens is a professional company that enjoys the challenge of designing the perfect cupboard for a client. Their team has decades of experience in providing exceptional service to their customers. They specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing the most dependable customized cupboards.


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