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5 Benefits of Having an Air Purifier in Your Home and Office

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for air purifiers. Primarily, they are buying these units to clean the air in their homes and offices. These units are more important for those who live in big cities where the air quality is quite poor. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 benefits of buying air purifiers. Read on to find out more.

Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs are on the list of harmful air pollutants. They have anthropogenic compounds that are not good for the health of humans and animals. Also, these elements are found in varnishes, paints and adhesives. For instance, formaldehyde is the common compound found in the air. Prolonged exposure to these elements may cause cancer as well.

Good air purifiers have special filters in them that can remove these vapors. Aside from this, activated carbon filters are capable of trapping VOCs to keep the air clean in the environment.

Removes Particulate Matter (PM)

Although VOCs are more dangerous than dust, PM or Particular Matter refers to fine particles that can be equally dangerous. The reason is that they can reach your brain and central nervous system via blood circulation. As a result, you may suffer from a lot of mental, cardio-vascular and respiratory illnesses.

The good news is that PM can be captured with a special air filter known as HEPA. This filter can trap as much as 99.9% of PM as well as tiny dust particles. So, these can be quite useful.

Gets Rid of Odors

One of the greatest features of a good unit is that it can help you get rid of bad odor. For instance, it can help remove smoke and smells coming from the kitchen. You can also buy a car air purifier if you often smoke while driving. The good thing is that these units are quite portable.

Beneficial for the Health of your Family

In winter, there is lots of smog everywhere, which makes it a must to get an air purifier. Aside from this, air purifiers can help reduce the likelihood of contracting influenza viruses and bacterial infections. The thing is that the activated carbon filter can be useful in trapping microbes, such as viruses, fungus and bacteria.

Energy Efficient

Oftentimes, people follow specific measures to block outdoor air pollution from coming in. For instance, they block windows, doors and ventilation vents. Homes that don’t have ventilation consume more heating and cooling.

Since indoor air pollution is caused by many factors, such as dust hidden in linen, and kitchen activities, you should go for an air purifier. The benefit of having these purifiers is that they keep your home air clean at all times. This can help you ventilate your home and reduce your energy bills significantly.

Long story short, these are some of the main benefits of having an air purifier in your home or office. Hopefully, these insights can help you opt for the best unit to keep your home indoor air clean.

5 Steps Before Deciding on Water Treatment Equipment

According to surveys, 60% of homes in the US that are served by private water systems (like well, cistern or spring) make use of a water treatment equipment. Nowadays, purchasing a suitable equipment can address nearly all water quality issues (whether nuisance or health based).

However, homeowners that have private water systems are seldom informed about water treatment equipment and treatment processes, making them prone to dishonest businesses that sell treatment equipment.

Determine the Water Quality Problem

When homeowners notice that there is a problem with their water, this should be tested by a water testing laboratory that is certified by the state.

When the test results reveal that the drinking water did not pass the primary, drinking water standard when it comes to the presence of bacteria/lead, they should take the necessary step to address the issue in order to protect the health of the family.

There are further tests that may show a problem caused by another pollutant like iron or manganese. If so, it is not threatening to the health though they may still opt to have a water treatment equipment installed to minimize stains and improve tastes/odors caused by such pollutants.

Ask the Advice of Unbiased Water Quality Experts

After getting the water test results from the certified laboratory, it would be wise to show these to an unbiased water quality expert so he can go over the results. These professionals can come from the certified water testing laboratory. They are in the best position to interpret the water test results and give advice on the best options to solve whatever water quality issue there is.

Look into All Available Options

At times, water treatment equipment is not always the best way to get rid of a water quality problems. Usually, there are other available options, which should be explored before making a decision. There are cases when creating an alternate water source like a new well, rainwater cistern or nearby spring may be the most effective solution. It may be more economical in the long run to connect to a public water supply near the area instead of getting comprehensive treatment of a private water supply.

When the source of pollution is found like, for instance, a malfunctioning septic system, then a viable solution would be to eliminate the pollution source. Another effective solution to address bacterial issues in private water supplies is maintain it in a simple way like checking a well to ensure it has sealed caps or make sure that a spring box is sealed to protect it from insects.

Find a Treatment that Matches the Problem

Before homeowners decide on the treatment that best solves their water problem, they should go over the water treatment process as well as the pollutants they eliminate. They should educate themselves to know the treatment devices that will best address their problems before approaching treatment companies.

Research About Water Treatment Companies

It is always important to seek water treatment companies that have a good reputation and will give customer references. It would also help to research about their history and search for companies that are already established in the water treatment business so fly-by-night operations can be avoided.

The Importance of Flood Cleaning for Your Indoor Air

After a pipe bursting or thunderstorm, water can collect in your basement. If not pumped out, this water can damage your home requiring a water damage restoration. If you are in this situation, what should you do? In this article, we are going to talk about steps that you can take to clean up after a flood. This is important if you want to clean your indoor air. Read on to know more.

What should you Do after a Flood

If the water damage is not severe, you can fix the water damage yourself. However, if the flood has caused a lot of damage to your property, you should hire the services of a professional. After a minor flood, given below are a few tips that can help you deal with the water damage.

Wear protective gear

• Before you get started, make sure you put on the protective gear listed below:
• Proper clothing: Ideally, you should wear boots, shirts with long sleeves, and long pants
• Goggles: Make sure you go for a pair that does not have air holes
• Gloves
• An N95 respirator: This type of mask can cover both your nose and mouth. You can buy it at your nearby hardware store. It’s not a good idea to go for a handkerchief as an alternative to this mask.

Steps to clean your home

Once you have worn the protective gear, you can start on the cleanup process. Given below are some of the common areas you may want to focus on:

• Get rid of the items that you don’t need or those that cannot be cleaned
• Separate any dry items as soon as you can in order to prevent them from contamination
• Pump out all of the standing water so that it does not become the breeding ground for airborne particles
• Wash and disinfect all of the affected items, such as home contents, closets, floors, walls, and solid surfaces. Don’t forget to read the labels before using any type of household cleaners.

Other Things to Consider

In case of a power outage, you can use a portable generator but make sure you place it outside your house. The reason is that these units emit harmful gases. Therefore, they should not be placed in an enclosed area such as a room.

You can also try out a water damage restoration product. With these products, it will be easier for you to pump out a lot of standing water from your home. However, it is better that you hire the services of a professional if you cannot fix the damage yourself. After all, you don’t want to end up causing further damage to your property.

The takeaway

Long story short, since flood cleanup is important for your indoor air quality, we suggest that you follow the tips given above in order to perform a clean up after thunderstorm or flood. However, if the problem is beyond you, we suggest that you look for a good professional.

5 Benefits of a Professional Snow Removal Service

In winter, the biggest problem you have to deal with is the snow accumulated on and around your house. You can remove the snow yourself or hire the services of someone else to do it for you. However, it’s better to go with a professional as it offers a number of benefits. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Improved Safety

First of all, we know that snow near your house can be a danger. It can cause injury in a slip and fall accident. If you do the removal yourself, you may slip and suffer an injury. On the other hand, hiring a pro for the job means you won’t be at risk. Professionals have tons of snow removal experience. Therefore, they can do the job in a safe manner.

2. Rapid Work

It can be quite tedious to grab the shovel and remove snow from your driveway or parking lot. Based on the size of your parking lot, you may have to spend up to two hours to complete the job.

If don’t have a lot of spare time to waste, we suggest that you go with a service provider instead. This will save you tons of time that you can spend on other household projects.

3. Convenience

If you are a mother, it can be difficult for you to find time to clear snow from your driveway or parking lot. After all, it’s not easy to spend hours shoveling heavy snow after a busy day.

Luckily, you can call a professional and save your energy. All you need to do is call the professional and invite them to your place. Once you have signed the contract, you can just sit back and allow the team to perform the job for you.

4. High-Quality Results

Although you can do a good job of clearing snow from your driveway, you can’t compete with a professional who has tons of experience under their belt. In fact, there can’t be any comparison between a novice and a professional in any field.

Typically, if you use a shovel to do a snow removal job, you may end up leaving a thin layer of snow on the bottom. On the other hand, a professional will use a snowplow for removing all the layers of snow. Therefore, you can enjoy high quality results.

5. Clean Aesthetic

Although a snowy landscape is aesthetically pleasing, it becomes a nightmare when inundated with tire tracks and footprints. Therefore, leaving your driveway covered with snow is not a good idea.

Therefore, it’s better to hire a service provider to clear all the snow from your driveway on a regular basis. This will add to the curb appeal of your property. After all, no one wants to make his or her property look ugly in winter.

Tips to Fix Common Problems in Your Inflatable Blowers

Electric inflatable blowers play a great role to ensure your bounce house is in the best condition. If you want to ensure your bounce house is safe and secure to leap, make sure it is filled with the proper level of air. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few tips that will help you fix your inflatable flowers.

Residential Blowers

Typically, these units are offered in different dimensions and can consume up to 950 watts. They are made from special textiles which is why they may be harder to fix. Since domestic bounce homes are lightweight and easy to set up, you don’t need a high-end blower to pump air into it. A good quality residential blower can be more than enough to do the job.

Commercial Blowers

If you have a huge bounce house, it is better that you go for a commercial inflatable blower. Apart from this, these units can be an ideal choice for water slides and huge bounce buildings. Typically, commercial bounce units are made from dense PVC tarpaulin products. They can weigh up to 150 pounds. Therefore, you need to invest in a commercial inflatable blower.

Common problems with inflatable blowers

Let’s now discuss some common problems that you may face while using an inflatable blower. We will also discuss a few simple tips that can help you fix your device yourself. However, if you think the problem is beyond your skills, we suggest that you hire the services of a professional.

1. Blower Runs too slow

If your unit is running too slow, there can be many reasons behind it. For example, the power cable may be damaged. If this is the case, make sure you get it replaced as soon as possible. If the power cable is fine, you can check the button and the electric motor. Again, you need to replace these components if they are not working properly.

2. Blower produces no air

If the blower turns on but does not produce air, there may be a problem with the power supply. Chances are that there is a technical fault in the circuit breaker. If you don’t know about electrical circuits, you should hire a professional.

3. The unit Trips the Breaker

If your device has a problem with the circuit breaker, chances are that the expansion cable is too long. Ideally, the length of the cable should not be greater than 100 feet.

4. Poor Air Circulation

If your device has poor circulation, it could be the messy air inlet. If you want to prevent this problem, make sure you clean the air inlet regularly.

5. Scraping Sound

If your inflatable producers scraping sound, you should first inspect the circuit. For working properly, these devices need a circuit that can tolerate at least 20 amperes. In some cases, these blowers generate this sound when there is a problem with the blower wheel. If this is the problem with your unit, you need to go for a wheel replacement.

3 Reasons Why It Is Not Safe to Drink Untreated Water

Most people do not have water that is safe to drink. The intake of water worldwide doubles every twenty years, and consumption increases twice the population rate. It is estimated that by 2025, a minimum of 3 billion people will not be able to avail of clean water.

As time passes, water is becoming scarce and this harsh reality is due to the high demand, the rapid increase of population, water-intensive agriculture, plus the fast consumption due to economic progress. Another contributory factor is climate change.

Drinking untreated water comes with many disadvantages. The following are some reasons why drinking unsafe water affects people’s health.

Waterborne Diseases

Since the water crisis continues to rise, people should not drink or even use it if it hasn’t been treated. They should see to it that the water is safe for them to drink or to use for oral hygiene. Vegetables and fruits, among other foods, are cleaned with running water. This is also used to wash cooking and eating utensils. Therefore, water should not contain any harmful organisms.

It is possible for pathogens to be present in water. These may cause a lot of serious illnesses like diarrhoea and typhoid, to name a few. Such diseases can prove to be fatal that is why it is critical to be careful about the water being used. There is a possibility for it to have guinea/tapeworm, which can lead to serious health issues. That is why it is best to treat water and only use it after going through the process.

Water can serve as a perfect dwelling for many harmful bacteria and pathogens. Here, they can thrive since they consider it as a complete ecosystem. This is where water-borne diseases come from so they should be eliminated before using it.

Contamination by Chemicals

Pesticides and chemicals used as fertilizers in farming are often absorbed by the water close by. These pose a risk to the health. Chemical waste is produced by industries as well. Such waste has toxic chemicals and pollutants. Consuming contaminated water can lead to many serious and even fatal diseases.

Contaminated water can also affect crops. Toxic chemicals like lead, asbestos, mercury and nitrate can also be found in industrial waste. These chemicals pose a risk to people’s health. They are not only dangerous to humans but also to marine life.

Improper Human Waste Disposal

Another way for water to get contaminated is by the improper human waste disposal. Poor sanitary facilities as well as sub-standard sewage systems cause water contamination due to human waste. It can bring about many serious health problems. Improper human waste disposal has been a known cause of cholera and other epidemics.

It is always wise to treat water before consumption or use. People can boil drinking water and use water filter systems to clean water for consuming at home.

10 Reasons to Start Using Water Filters Today

The Water tastes and smells better

Whether it is water from the well or the municipality, it can taste bad. Majority of filters have the ability to remove bad taste and smell.

The Water is healthier

Drinking filtered water and using it for cooking can improve overall health. This is since it will be free from bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants.

The filters are environmentally friendly

Filtering water is more environmentally friendly as compared to buying it bottled. The plastic bottles end up in landfills and pollute the environment.

They don’t use plastic

Drinking bottled water can pose as a risk because of the quality of plastic used. There are plastic containers that contain BPA, which can cause health problems.

The filters cost a lot less than bottled water

Initially, buying a water filter is a huge investment. However, in the long run, it can save a lot on costs.

Filtered water is best for children

Children are more prone to nitrite or nitrate poisoning. Such compounds can find their way to well or municipal water.

Filtering can remove toxins

According to experts, a water source contains at least 2100 known toxins. Filtering it will minimize the risk of consuming them.

There is no chlorine in filtered water

Chlorine is known to disinfect water. However, it is also linked to many illnesses.

Using filtered water can improve the looks of hair and skin

Showering with softened water makes hair and skin feel and look healthier.

There are no chemicals in filtered water

Drinking water may sometimes be contaminated by chemicals and heavy metals. Filtering it lowers the risk of ingesting them.

Filtration or Purification?

In a water filtration system, one or more filters are used to eliminate the contaminants that are present. Only some will be removed, and others still remain, so the water is not that pure.

In a purification system, 90 to 99% of contaminants are removed from the water, so it may be pure, but also the helpful minerals in it will be eliminated.

Do all the filters remove the beneficial minerals?

Only some filters remove the beneficial minerals found in the water. Reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing up to 99% of water contaminants and beneficial minerals. On the other hand, a UV filter only eliminates bacteria, and will leave others in the water. All the kinds of filtration systems come with advantages and disadvantages.

Making Sure Your Well Water Is Safe to Drink

In the US, most households depend on a private well for their drinking water. This can be advantageous to the residents since they can save on costs. They do not have to pay for drinking water granting that the water they get from the well is potable or safe to drink.

Though the US is known to have one of the safest water suppliers worldwide, drinking water sources can possibly be contaminated or affected by several different things. An example is natural minerals such as arsenic or other chemicals. Such minerals can cause a wastewater treatment system to malfunction. Using pesticides near the source of water can also cause it to get contaminated.

So, drinking water that comes from private wells needs to be tested first. Testing can be done by means of a laboratory or authorised research facility. This is the best way to know if water is safe for household members to drink.

Harmful bacteria, parasites plus infections are not seen by the naked eyes. For this reason, no one can be sure if water is potable just by the way it looks and tastes.

Even if people do not become sick from the water they drink from their private well, they should not remain complacent. Just a small amount of contaminants that exist in well water can bring about chronic health problems. Such microorganisms can be found in water supplies.

There are specific chemical contaminants in water sources that can cause long term health issues that take a long time to develop. Testing water on a regular basis will determine if water is hazardous as well as guarantee that the water is treated to a satisfying level.

A well in a particular household that has been tested to be safe does not guarantee the safety of the water in wells of neighboring houses. The safety of well water depends on several factors such as geology on the surface and underground, depth and well development, among others. The quality of well water can change from time to time when refilling due to the dry season. It is important to test well water regularly and keep results for reference.

There are different aspects to consider in maintaining a private well that provides potable water.


It should have a durable construction to avoid any issues.


This should be located in a spot that has no issues whatsoever with neighbors.


The age of the well should also be considered plus the testing of water quality on a regular basis.

Water Source

The household owner should be familiar with the nature of the aquifer where water comes from.

Human Activities

The things that happen within the vicinity can have an effect on a well.

When a well is deep seated, like more than 800 feet, water is expected to be cleaner. It is always a good practice to have well water tested yearly for contaminants like Colifirm bacteria and nitrates, among others.

Common Water Problems and the Corresponding Solutions

No one should ever take water quality for granted. Its quality varies from one place to another and from house to house. There are different factors that can affect the taste, smell and feel of water as well as the way it works in a home.

Some of the things that can affect the water supply is well water quality, risk of contamination, aging distribution system, substandard federal drinking and plumbing system. There are problems that are not as noticeable as compared to others.

There are times when something goes wrong with the water supply. While it is flowing on the way to the tap, it can take along additional baggage and encounter different problems. Some can be seen or smelled while others cannot.

There are people who can easily answer questions asked about tap water problems and the reasons for experiencing them in the home. Whether these are about visible water contaminants such as the buildup of dissolved iron and sediments or those that are not visible like lead and arsenic, there are answers to questions about problem water.

5 Common Water Problems and Solutions

Lead in Water

Lead in water that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted in one of the leading problems in the water industry. One of the most effective ways to prevent such is by conducting a lab water test.

Arsenic in Water

Arsenic, just like lead, is not only potentially harmful but also difficult to identify if the water does not go through a more extensive testing.

Iron in Water

Iron can be distinguished by its reddish/brownish color and the stain it usually leaves around faucets and sinks. Dissolved iron can possibly damage pipes and fixtures. Also, it has an unpleasant taste and is not comfortable to use in the home.

Sulphur in Water

The presence of sulphur in water is easy to spot by means of its smell and taste. In addition, sulphur can also cause the growth of more bacteria in water, which can result to additional problems in the long run. As a solution, a sulphur-specific filter can easily address such problems and avoid complications in the future.

TDS in Water

Water usually comes with some amount of beneficial minerals. On the other hand, when the levels start to go way over the normal range, these can also bring about problems. One of the most effective ways to address TDS is by means of water softening but the chosen professional should first test the particular water and accompanying issues to come up with the best solution.

Most Affordable and Best Kitchen Cupboard Designers in Cape Town

A Kitchen is a space where family bonds while cooking food. An open and bright kitchen space is a welcoming sight in your home. An attractive remodeled kitchen makes your home more appealing. A kitchen should be well-equipped to perform an extensive diversity of tasks. As you plan to model your new kitchen, you should look for the appeal as well as the efficiency part. If you wish to contact a professional designer, then you can reach out to Beyond Kitchens. Beyond Kitchens is one of the top refurbishment companies in Cape Town who can help you in processing the work smoothly.

What does a Professional Kitchen Designer do?

A kitchen designer is an interior designer who works on designing, modernizing, or renovating the kitchen at your home. They cater to the needs and requirements of a client. The first step followed by a kitchen designer is, to sit with a client and brainstorm about the overall aesthetics and extent of work. Based on their discussion, a kitchen designer prepares a basic layout. The designer then looks at various cupboard designs, appliances, and different kitchen-related things. All these things should be well planned before starting the construction work of your kitchen.

Cupboards are one of the most important parts of the kitchen zone. Your cupboards should be well-coordinated with your kitchen color and theme.

Factors You Should Consider Before Designing Your Kitchen Cupboard


The layout of the kitchen should be concluded before starting the renovation work. The cupboard size should be proper and it should be placed in the kitchen without blocking the area. Their design should go well with kitchen counters & other appliances.


Wood is the material that is commonly used for cabinets. The different types of materials that can be used are birch, cedar, oak, cherry, and maple. All the mentioned materials have a different variance of shade, texture, and style.


The quality of the cupboard should be chosen in such a way that the cupboard stays in an optimal condition over a course of time. The quality of a cupboard matters more than the quality of the cupboard. If additional hardware is installed, then a high-quality cupboard can sustain for a tremendous amount of time.

Cupboard Doors

A cabinet door should be well-chosen to complement the color of your kitchen. Most homeowners prefer cathedral, arch, slab and square styles of cupboard doors.

Storage Space

The most important factor to be kept in mind while choosing a cupboard is the storage space. Kitchen cabinets should be large enough to accommodate drawers, sliding trays, racks, and shelves.

Beyond Kitchens is a professional company that enjoys the challenge of designing the perfect cupboard for a client. Their team has decades of experience in providing exceptional service to their customers. They specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing the most dependable customized cupboards.

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